What are lifespan stages?

Life is a beautiful journey which includes the different stages of development and growth. From birth to death, we experience different stages and each stage has it’s own beauty and struggles. Sometimes we just sit down and think about our lifespan and how we’ve reached the certain age . It doesn’t matter how old you are, I’m sure you will be excited to learn the different stages of your life .

In this article, we’ll learn the different life stages and gain our knowledge about the physical, emotional and cognitive changes that we experience during each phase.

Infancy (0-2 Years) THE BEGINNING OF LIFE:

Infancy is the stage of rapid growth and vulnerability. During this stage of life, we are completely dependent on our parents( especially mums) and caretakers. In this stage, children observe every little thing happening around them and most of the time they develop all the things they observe in their environment. It is a beautiful early stage of life.

Childhood (3-12 years): THE FORMATIVE YEARS

Childhood is a stage of wonder, learning, and imagination. During this stage, children learn different languages , rules , make friends and start to understand their role in the world. This is the stage of curiosity and innocence ,children need answers of every question and learn from them.

Adolescence (13-19 years): THE SEARCH OF IDENTITY

Adolescence is the stage of identity and self-discovery. Adolescence is defined by hormonal and physical changes as well as a desire for independence. Teenagers absolutely hate restrictions at that time. Teenagers struggle with the question of who they are, and what their role in society. Teenage years are a time for uprising, experimentation and the gradual transition to adulthood. It is the most difficult stage of life.

Young Adulthood (20-40 years): PURSUING DREAMS

Young adulthood is the stage of work ,career, education, job and relationships. Some people may experience parenthood . It is the stage of struggle, every person keep themselves busy in the study , work , career or any type of development they want. This stage is about working on the goals and making life choices . It’s the time of limitless energy aims.

Middle Adulthood (41-65 years): BALANACING RESPONSIBILITIES

The middle adulthood is the stage of responsibility for work, family and social life. This is a time when people try to find a balance between their personal goals and relationships responsibilities . This is also a period of reflection about one’s own life and success.

Late Adulthood (66+ years): REFLECTION AND WISDOM

The late adult years are a time of wisdom and reflection. Retirement, grandchildren and the desire to leave a legacy are all hallmarks of late adulthood. It can be a challenging phase, both physically and emotionally. However, it is also an opportunity to share wisdom gained over a lifetime. During this phase, many people find satisfaction in giving back to their families and communities.

Every stage of life is beautiful. It doesn’t matter which stage of life you’re in, I wish you the happiest life. Ever stage has it’s own beauty and struggles , work hard and make the most beautiful life for yourself.

Let me know which stage of life you’re in.

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