Do Real Friends Make Fun Of You?

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Friendships is the beautiful relationship which includes sharing your laughter to your pain. Most of the time, we don’t hesitate to share our weaknesses with our friends but sometimes instead of supporting or motivating us , our friend starts to make fun of us .

In this situation, we often get confused and question ourselves whether is it okay for my friend to laugh at my weakness? Should I continue this friendship? Does they really deserve me?

How Can You Tell If It Is Harmless Teasing Or Something We Need To Take Seriously?

Let’s explore this fascinating feature of friendship.

Harmless Banter vs. Hurtful Teasing

What’s Banter?

“A kind of light-hearted and humorous conversation or exchange that features humour, wit, and pleasant teasing, banter is typically meant for creating a comfortable and enjoyable environment without harming or offending anyone.”

There are many things we need to look at in order to differentiate between harmless banter and hurtful teasing.

Friendly Banter:

It’s a usual and interesting thing to tease each other in a friendship but the main thing to look at is are they using my weaknesses to tease me? why they are using something from my past(which I’m trying hard to forget) to tease me? If these type of questions doesn’t come in to your mind , you are enjoying their teasing and doing the same in return, you don’t need to get offended. Enjoy their company and let them know they matter to you.

Hurtful Teasing :

Making fun of your friend in a hurtful way isn’t a sign of healthy friendship. If your friendship is constantly targeting your insecurities, you really need to think about this friendship.


So how do you know it’s healthy banter in your friendship and sign of a sincere bond? We’ll find that out together.


In the healthy banter, both friends take their turn and experience the situation of the teaser and one being teased.

Mutual Respect:

They must respect your boundaries. Although we’ve heard that there are no boundaries or limits in a friendship but we must have and everyone has to respect that.

Humour, Not Harm:

The jokes shouldn’t hurt your feelings. It should bring laughter and natural smiles.

Positive Intentions:

The intentions plays the key role in a friendship. Even during teasing, the intention should be pure and positive. For example; if your friend isn’t having a good time or dealing with something traumatic/stressful, you should try to make them laugh.

Supportive Environment:

Real friends make the supportive environment for each other where they can be themselves without the fear of being judged or misunderstood.


Teasing is a good way to make your bond stronger but you should try to understand the limits and boundaries . If you’re someone dealing with toxic friends, the only thing I would like to tell you is that don’t stay with them because of the fear of being alone, you will find your real friends soon.

So do real friendships make fun of you? yes they do but It’s carried out respectfully, without hurting anyone, and in a sense of unity.

14 thoughts on “Do Real Friends Make Fun Of You?”

  1. I think that if jokes hurt and you explain your friend why it hurt, a real friend will understand and stop. Whereas, not true friends will go on. And I consider such people toxic.

  2. I agree with your words. Friendship is something that should appear with genuine intentions and the relationship between the must be understanding and less judgmental.

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