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8 halal ways to achieve financial independence as a stay at home woman

8 halal Ways to Achieve Financial Independence as a Stay-at-Home Woman

Discover ten empowering and Halal ways for Muslim women to achieve financial independence from the comfort of their homes. In this comprehensive guide, we explore lucrative opportunities that align with Islamic principles, from freelance work in Halal fields to online Islamic businesses. Explore the path to financial autonomy while staying true to your faith and values.”

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10 Perfectionism Quotes for Self-Acceptance (2023)

Perfectionism A psychological trait or way of thinking known as perfectionism is characterised by the need to achieve perfection and by having extremely high standards for oneself. The drive to perform flawlessly and avoid making mistakes at all costs is common among people with perfectionistic tendencies. They frequently criticise themselves harshly and could have inflated …

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Top 10 Free Mental Health Resources in the UK

The importance of maintaining both your physical and emotional wellness cannot be overstated. But it’s not always simple to locate affordable assistance. Fortunately, there are many excellent free internet tools that can offer essential support for your mental health. Below are my top ten choices: Mind (mind.org.uk): Rethink Mental Illness (rethink.org): The Mix (themix.org.uk): Samaritans …

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Why depression is so common in women?

Understanding the Level of Depression and Anxiety in Women: Understanding the Complex Nexus(Link) Introduction: Biological Influences: Social and Cultural Pressures: Trauma and Victimization: Genetic and Environmental Factors: In conclusion, it is critical to prioritise mental health and provide assistance to women who could be depressed. We can assist women in navigating their mental health journeys …

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When you spend your time thinking about work, friends and other people, it’s easy to lose track of something important: taking care of yourself. From maintaining good exercise and sleep habits to setting aside time to relax each day, simple self-care activities can have a big impact on your moods, thoughts and overall mental wellbeing.  …

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