10 Perfectionism Quotes for Self-Acceptance (2023)

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A psychological trait or way of thinking known as perfectionism is characterised by the need to achieve perfection and by having extremely high standards for oneself. The drive to perform flawlessly and avoid making mistakes at all costs is common among people with perfectionistic tendencies. They frequently criticise themselves harshly and could have inflated expectations of themselves, which can cause ongoing tension and discontent.


Perfectionism has two disadvantages. While it can motivate us to work hard and accomplish our objectives, it frequently comes at the expense of worry, anxiety, and inflated expectations. These ten perfectionism quotes serve as a gentle reminder that it’s acceptable to accept imperfection, pursue progress rather than perfection, and put our own wellbeing first.

Let These Words Of Wisdom Inspire You In Your Journey To Finding Balance And Self-Acceptance.

“Perfectionism is not a quest for the best. It is a pursuit of the worst in ourselves, the part that tells us that nothing we do will ever be good enough.” – Julia Cameron

Cameron emphasises how perfectionism may be harmful and how it tends to make us feel less valuable.

“Strive for progress, not perfection.” – Unknown

This saying serves as a reminder that progress and striving for perfection are unrealistic goals. Instead, it is the journey and ongoing growth that matter.

“Perfectionism is self-abuse of the highest order.” – Anne Wilson Schaef

Schaef’s quote underscores how perfectionism can harm our mental and emotional well-being.

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.” – Vince Lombardi

The value of aiming for high standards is emphasised by Lombardi’s statements, who nevertheless acknowledges that perfection itself is elusive.

“Have no fear of perfection; you’ll never reach it.” – Salvador Dali

Dali’s quote humorously highlights the waste of chasing an unattainable ideal.

“Perfection is not just about control. It is also an illusion; it does not exist.” – Arianna Huffington

The quotation from Huffington serves as a helpful reminder that perfection is both unachievable and a fabrication of our own making.

“Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people. It will keep you cramped and insane your whole life.” – Anne Lamott

Lamott’s powerful words expose the oppressive nature of perfectionism and its impact on our well-being.

“The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.” – Anna Quindlen

Quindlen encourages us to embrace our authenticity instead of pursuing an ideal of perfection.

“Perfectionism is a twenty-ton shield that we lug around thinking it will protect us when, in fact, it’s the thing that’s really preventing us from being seen and taking flight.” – Brené Brown

Brown’s quotation serves as a reminder of the vulnerability and obstacles that perfectionism can cause.

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do and let go of perfectionism.” – Unknown

This last quote emphasizes the importance of passion and letting go of perfectionism to achieve success.


These ten perfectionism quotes are potent reminders that striving for perfection is frequently fruitless and harmful to our wellbeing. Instead, they push us to value self-acceptance above all else, own our flaws, and work towards improvement. We can achieve a balance between greatness and self-compassion by internalising these wise words, which will ultimately result in a more contented and peaceful life.

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